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Dedications II, 8e Art's second concert

Following a year of music, love, entertainment and success, we held our second concert Dedications II on a truly special night at The Legend Venue with the collaboration of i8 Production, Mr. Roger Bakhos (Bacchus Production), Mr. Chady Akiki (CKA), Pulse Production, Moodz, Welcome Agency, Poliakov, Jim Beam & Valet Peak. Bringing together over 1500 friends and professionals from Lebanon and abroad, the concert proved to be a staggering success with a variety of over 60 different artists. At 8e Art we believe that variety is key, and Dedications II was a direct showcase of that fact; with more than 50 artists there was Rock to Jazz, Swing to Oriental, Flamenco to Pop. You name it, we played it.

The show was hosted by Lights Fm's resident host Mr. Tanguy Faucon.

The name Dedications was created for our first concert 2 years ago. Dedications because we always DEDICATE our music to something or someone; Our loved ones, a cause, to each other as artists and bandmates, to the public, and last but not least to God; for putting us on this path to success.

We want ot thank all who took part of it and all who attended the concert to share with us this magical experience.




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