Confesseur des artistes
Dia - Beirut Electro Swing

Constantly searching to amaze and entertain, Dia and the band have found a new sound. We have worked hard on bringing the best out of this project and now it is finally here, Dia - Beirut Electro Swing.
This style combines the influence of vintage swing and jazz mixed with house, hip hop and EDM. Dia Beirut Electro Swing is a jazz oriented band.  With the addition of a unique electro sound and the oriental fusion they are known for, they are able to take their performance to another level. They have prepared an upbeat repertoire that is bound to leave everyone in a state of Awe.
With years of experience in the music scene, you are guaranteed a different kind of show. With Dia’s warm voice, unique interpretation and stage presence along side experienced and talented musicians, you will surely be teleported to a world of eccentric sounds and exaggerated interactions.

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