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Dear 8e Art team,

Thank you for all the efforts and support. Couldn't have made it without you. <3

--- Samir & Elsy,   |  Sep 02, 2017

Dear Nathalie,

This is to thank you for all your help and support you have provided us during our journey to our forever after.
You were one of the most professional, helpful and caring supplier we have ever dealt with during our preparations. Your tips and advices were spot on!
The team starting from O'Allan. My god O Allan what an impact he s had on a lot of the guests and on us. I cannot thank him enough as his passion for music was all over the place. He actually played effortlessly without even thinking of the time restraint. Playing even in the reception area...
To Kyra who was simply superb! Her positive energy, smile and grace transcended all over the place. Everyone was all smiles when she got on. She really was extremely professional and added such a positive vibe to our wedding.
Finally, our lovely Dj Habib:):) who kept our dance floor on fire feeling what the guests wanted and feeding them back a beautiful vibe.
Overall, everyone was extremely impressed and kept asking us about all the artists and of course we referred them to you!
All the best and keep up the best work. We are sooo proud and happy to have dealt with you.
Love and peace.

Rola & Ziad

--- Ziad & Rola,   |  Aug 11, 2017

Hellooo Nathalie! I just want to thank you! Marc & the band were TOP TOP TOP! They gave us a great performance!

--- Step Together Charity Event,   |  May 24, 2017

Maya and I just wanted to say BIG THANKS for the guidance and entertainment at our wedding last week. The violinist played beautifully at the welcome drink and the fire show and parade were amazing! Everyone was surprised and loved how we took part of the show and the parade that followed was a great start to the night! The team was awesome and knew how to get everyone jumping on and off the dance floor!
Enjoy the rest of the week!

--- Cyril & Maya,   |  Sep 02, 2016

Thank you for making our wedding a very enjoyable one! The band stunned everybody! And Rami kept us dancing till 2 am!
Thank you!

--- Diana & Michael,   |  Aug 19, 2016

Wonderful playlist... L'Orient comme ça? It's magic!! Aleph un poètes de génie delicat et fougeux..Hoo le flutiste un delice! Et les autres des bijoux! Vraiment.

--- Flo Peyroux ,   |  Jul 24, 2016

S'il vous plaît excusez ma naïveté, mais existe-t-il une société comme the wonderful 8e Art Entertainment ailleurs dans le monde? :O A mes yeux, elle semble unique.

--- Séverine Thieulin ,   |  Jul 22, 2016

Je suis tombée en amour d'un artiste... Puis tous les talents d'une compagnie que le monde entier devrait admirer... Puis un pays rayonnant... Et c'est simplement mon coeur qui vous repond! Merci beaucoup c'est un honneur de pouvoir crier son amour à des immenses artistes!

--- Séverine Thieulin,   |  Jun 30, 2016

Dear Pierre, Nataly, Nayla and 8e Art Team,

GUYS....... YOU ROCK!!!!

I want to take the time to thank you for the fantastic job you did on Riad & Alketa's wedding on Saturday September the 19th.

From the Zaffe, to the dinner, to the first dance, the cake cutting and after party (AND WHAT AN AFTER PARTY !!!!!) everything went so smoothly and on-time and you managed to get the crowd up on their feet till 5 a.m!!! Guests had such a great time.

Nayla, I appreciate your professionalism and the confidence you had with us and the way you deal with the clients... Thank you.

Nataly, it was great working with someone like you who gives attention to the smallest details and everything went as planned, and the mood/music crescendo was great... Cheers (we missed you that night)

Pierre, as you promised me the first time we worked on the entertainment plan that it will be a "CLASSY WEDDING" and Yes it WAS... Thank you for your advices, ideas and support. Seeing you working backstage is a bit different from the office to be honest I wasn't expecting such professionalism. I saw you making the in and out in the ballroom to check every single singer and musician. You made sure the transition and changes that went on stage were unnoticed and with no interruptions and I appreciate the fact that you stayed with us very late at night even after Shadi's performance.... Chapeau.

Guys I can write pages regarding how full, great and amazing the entertainment was during the wedding and how fun it was working with you... Bravo

The last thing I would like to say, and on a personal level, I was so happy that in Lebanon we still have high professionals with lots of refined taste and love for music, it makes me feel proud.

YOU really ROCK!


--- Mrs. Lina A. Ezzedine - Visuals,   |  Sep 22, 2015

Dear Nathalie and Nayla,

Hope you're both doing well. Mila and myself are now back in Montreal, and we wanted to sincerely thank you for the great day we had at Nuit Blanche on August 7th.

Thank you for all the support you provided us during the preparations, and thank you for Nathalie and the team for the great entertainment you pulled, it was greatly appreciated.We enjoyed very much working with you, and your professionalism (which we valued a lot!) made it easier and smoother for us to prepare for the big day especially with the long disctance we had apart. We had lots of positive comments about the Fire Show, the Parade, and the Oud performance for which people called us specifically to tell us how much they liked them.

Thank you once again for everything, we will definitely be recommending you for our peers and hope to work with you again. In the meantime let us know if you ever visit Montreal, it would be a great for us to show you around :)

All the best,


--- Rabih & Mila,   |  Sep 11, 2015

Thank you very much for your wishes. Indeed it has been just over one year now and i must admit that our love for each other is still growing day after day ;) and that most of all when we look back on our wedding day, we actually remember an awesome night  and this was thanks to your team.

To the 8e Art Team (percussionists & Loud Arabia): You guys were AMAZING! Keep doing an awesome job out there!

To DJ Ray: Honestly you were just SIMPLY THE BEST! Never got to personally thank you (yet)...I remember when you asked us what kind of music we like, we replied "just make sure we dance all night". That is exactly what you did, way beyond our expectations, so simply THANK YOU!

I am sure we will cross paths again!

--- Patty & Fady,   |  Aug 21, 2015

I am writing this email as a thank you for all the positive feedback we got after our wedding. It wouldn't have been as great if it weren't for your professionalism and dedication to perfection. 

"Edwin and the Oba's", you guys were amazing! Fares and I were listening to you from the bungalow and were amazed by the mood you set at the welcome drinks. It couldn't have been better! Everyone loved your performance!!!

Harris, we want to thank you for such a memorable performance too! Everyone was overwhelmed! How you interact with the crowd is beyond us and everyone absolutely loved you and are still talking about you!

Again, we would just like to thank you all for the efforts you put into making our night so special and for accomodating Bassem and helping him carry out his surprise!

Many thanks.

--- Fares & Maya,   |  Jul 28, 2015

A quick email to thank you all for helping us making last night a great night for the Weds! It was a real pleasure working with every single one of you and your team members. You guys were amazing. Thank you once again and looking forward to future successes together.

--- Mr. Rami Halawi - Managing Partner at "White Exposure",   |  Jul 25, 2015

Dear 8e Art Artists, Dia, Nate, Nayla, Pierre & Fady,

I have to say this...Every time we get the chance to work together i tell myself this band and these artists cannot get any better, and every time it does get better.

Thank you for always exceeding my expectations and thank you for turning Cesar and Danielle's wedding into literally the most magic night ever...It is true that the theme of the wedding was disneyland; your music did transport us into a world of fairytales...

I can't say thank you enough..i can't express in actual words how much we appreciate YOUR MUSIC, YOUR ELEGANCE ON STAGE and the PERFECT CHOICE OF SONGS.

8e Art, i'll shout it over the highest rooftop, YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!

Kisses to all!

--- Mrs. Natasha Nohra - "Yours Truly Events",   |  Jul 22, 2015

Dear 8e Art Family,

Thank you for your wishes, it means a lot to us, and thank you for being part of our wedding, you did an amazing job, very professional crew, very enthusiastic, all of our guests raved about your performance, "parade", "fire show", "the oud"...


Definitely we hope to cross paths again, you are an amazing group!


--- Louwana & Dany,   |  Jul 13, 2015


One of our greatest,  memories you are and you made our wedding remarkable...

It made our day getting a message from you, and we look fwd to making more events with you. 

Thank you so much for your email.

We wish you long term success and hapiness.

--- Hala & Mahdi Mattar,   |  Jul 06, 2015

Best wedding souvenirs because of you guys!

My brother is getting married this summer and he is getting his entertainment from 8e Art, i told him "Bro hott idek bi may berde :)"

Cheers to Pierre, Nayla, Dj Ray, and all 8e Art Team!

--- Mrs. Rytta Mansour,   |  Jul 06, 2015

Allow me to extend my deepest thanks, appreciation and admiration to all 8e Art management, artists, and personnel for their wonderful performance. Job well done!

Thank you all again. With my best personal regards. 

--- Mr. Jan Shamoun,   |  Jun 16, 2015

Rabie and I are back in Boston, but we just wanted to email you to thank you for your awesome work at our wedding. The whole team was so nice, professional and fun. The darbouka and the two percussionists were definitely a hit and our guests loved everything about the entertainment. We can't wait to see the videos and the pictures! Please send our thanks to the team as well.

--- Marylana & Rabie,   |  Jun 06, 2015

Dearest 8e Art Team,

Your beautiful words and wishes brought tears of joy to our eyes. We cannot thank you enough for being the first to wish us a Happy Anniversary and for making our big day so memorably perfect!! You bring tears of joy and happy smiles to our hearts everytime we watch the dvd!!

God bless you all!

The Abou Antoun's :)

--- Mrs. Fatina Sabagh,   |  May 25, 2015

I know we are a little bit late, but something came up. I just wanted to take the time to send you this mail and thank you for the incredible performance last Saturday.

The enthusiasm, the techniques, the setting... Everything was just perfect!

I hope you keep up the good work, always enriching the lebanese music with your crème de la crème musicians and shows. 

I can't thank you enough!

--- Mrs. Iman Feghali,   |  May 15, 2015

Roadster Zaitouna Bay opening took place last Thursday, where all invitees were present: from Rd loyal customers, to suppliers, partners, media and fans. They all enjoyed the great ambience created by 8e Art's live band.

Thank you for your effort and hatrd wotk in making this branch see the light. 

--- Mrs. Rita Saade - Roadster Diner,   |  May 11, 2015

As the summer season starts, our events become much more intense, and we tend to forget to thank those who have contributed to our success in so many occasions. 

Today i would like to thank you for the tremendous and unique contribution you have offered during the wedding of Rabah and Aseel Al Jurdi on April 4th, 2015. The success we lived was due to all your inputs and it was clear to all guests that such a wedding took lots of preparation.

Today besides thanking you, i wish you the best of luck for this season and the ones ahead, and may they be fruitful, full of victories and hapiness. 

Till we meet again in other fuitfull events.


--- Mr. Elie Berchan - Weddings and Events Creation,   |  Apr 07, 2015

Dear Pierre, Fady and 8e Art talents,

Last Saturday was a great night... Your talent discipline and corporate culture spoke for themselves. You made the whole difference with your special effects and seamless wonderful voices and interaction. Everytime we work together you never stop to amaze us. 

We take pride for each collaboration with you and we always look forward to showcasing your acts to new entourages so the positive vibes go viral. 

Thank you and we shall see you soon.

--- Mrs. Hoda Kara,   |  Mar 31, 2015

On behalf of the members of the Economic Conference of Egypt, I would like to say thanks a million for a great night. It wouldn't have been a success without you guys. You were the stars of the event. Thanks to all the artists.

Hope to see you again.

--- Mrs. Neamat,   |  Mar 19, 2015

Dear 8e Art team,

On behalf of the committee in Khobar and Children of Sesobel and Paradis d'Enfants, i would like to thank you and your team for making our Gala Dinner a great success, not only with your great performance but also with your positive energy, attitude and humbleness.

May God bless you and your future projects.

Kisses! We are looking forward to working with you again next year hopefully!

--- Mrs. Rouba Azar Frem,   |  Mar 18, 2015

Allow me to thank you and thank your entire team for the great entertainment extended to our guests over the New Year's Eve!

The feedback from the guests are a non-stop day by day. The entertainment was just spectacular!

We highly appreciate all your hard work, effort, attention into details on making this event a memorable and successful one!

Thank you very much again for your professionalism and will be looking forward to working with you on our future events!

--- Mr. Mouhamad Hadla,   |  Jan 02, 2015

Dear 8e Art Friends,

Your presence between us on Libami Christmas event was a real pleasure. We would like to thank you one by one. An amazing ambiance was all over. You help bring smiles on the faces of more than 300 children and we really enjoyed your peformance. Mr Fadi we appreciate your care and trust in our association and our mission without really knowing us much. 

In the name of the president, the team, the families and especially the children of Libami, again please accept our most sincere thanks for your presence amongst us.

Wishing you a happy and magical New Year. We hope it brings you the same joy and happiness you brought the kids!

God bless you all!! 

--- Mrs. Zeina Wehbe,   |  Dec 30, 2014

Lina and I would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everything you have done to make this event memorable. It was magical, amazing, a fairy tale to say the least, and we cannot thank you enough.

All the best!

--- Lina & Ahmad,   |  Dec 22, 2014

Thank you for an amazing performance at the SABIS End-Of-Year Dinner. Your music got everybody on the dance floor and truly made the event a huge success. 

We will surely be in touch soon.

My regards to all the team.

--- Nassim Abdel-Nour,   |  Dec 19, 2014

I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to you and your team for supporting LAU's 3rd Gala Dinner on December 11th 2014. Your amazing performance helped in ensuring that the evening was a resounding success. It is because of such compassion and indefatigable commitment to our University that so many students today have the opportunity to receive an education that is second to none. On behalf of the entire LAU Family and the Hospitality department, please allow me to salute your unwavering generosity and to send you our most sincere thanks. 

Sincerly yours.

--- Mrs. Nehmat Aoun,   |  Dec 15, 2014

On behalf on the Lebanese Insurance Brokers Syndicate Board (LIBS), we would like to sincerely thank you for the wonderful performance at our Gala dinner's event at Casino du Liban.

The band was great and the guests had a wonderful time. Thank you once again for making our reception a memorable one.

We wish you a very Happy New Year 2015 ahead full of health, happiness and prosperity.

Best Wishes,

Issam Hitti - President

--- Mr. Issam Hitti LIBS,   |  Dec 09, 2014

This letter holds the sincere gratitude of everyone at the Children's Cancer Center of Lebanon (CCCL).

It was a pleasure working with you for our annual Gala Dinner this year at the St. Georges Terrace.
Thanks to your dedication, support, and valued efforts, our event was a success; and we can't thank you enough.

Being a regional center pioneering in the treatment of children with cancer, your support saves children's lives! And thanks to our affiliation with St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee; and the rigorous research of our doctors and scientists at the American University of Beirut Medical Center (AUBMC), we are proud to have an average cure rate of 80% for our beloved kids!

Your support through this gala dinner helped us raise much needed funds to continue our noble mission of treating kids from cancer.

God bless you,

Yours sincerely,
Salwa Salman
Chair of the Board of Trustees
The Executive Committee

--- The Children Cancer Center of Lebanon,   |  Oct 23, 2014


Words and emails won't express our feelings and gratitude to all the efforts you have done to make our wedding day unforgettable and so special!

We appreciate your patience and understanding during the build up... We must say it was worth it as the night was magical and went perfectly well from all aspects.

Music was unstoppable! Entrance and Band were fantastic!

A million thanks! Good luck in the future an hope everyone keeps prospering!

Best Wishes!

--- Lyne & Salah,   |  Sep 26, 2014

Dear Ray Shepherd,

Thanks a lot for the great party. We had an amazing time and that would not have been possible without you. We really want to thank you for continuing to play under the rain. We want to see you again soon.

All the best.

--- Federico & Valerie,   |  Jul 09, 2014

Dear 8e Art Family,

Many thanks for an amazing night!! You guys rock!!! Special thumbs up to Ray Shepherd, the Redz band, Xriss, the Percussionists, and The Brain!

--- Federico & Valerie,   |  Jul 09, 2014

Dear 8e Art team!

We are writing to express our big THANK YOU for the great support and entertainment shows that you have provided during our wedding a month ago! We have enjoyed every moment of that night and you have most of the credit for its success.

We would also like to let you know that you were by far, the most professional supplier we have dealt with, and we are definitely going to advise all of our friends and contacts to work with you.

Thank you again!

--- Joyce & Jad,   |  Jul 03, 2014

On behalf of my team, we would like to thank you very much for the great effort behind making the Davidoff event a success. Everything was very well prepared and executed as per the plan. I would also like to thank Nayla for taking care of each and every detail, Fady for the art direction and managing his team on the day of the event in a high quality standard. We made it and our signature is there.

Our journey just started.

Thank you thank you thank you to every single artist that was with us, for the spirit of a one team and the lovely energy that lead this event to a success.

Thank you very much and looking forward to more success together.  


--- Mr. John Kilzi,   |  Jan 19, 2014

I am very bad at expressing myself with words, but we really, really, really want to thank you from all our hearts for the wonderful parade you made at our wedding. You guys were AMAZING! And that did not surprise us at all, we were certain you were going to be the best! During the wedding we could not wait for you guys to show up, we were so excited and the best time we had was when we were dancing, jumping and screaming with you!

EVERYONE was talking about you at the wedding! The older people more than the young ones :)! Many many of them were dancing and even jumping when you guys were there! We watched it on the video and it's simply amazing!

Thank you so much again and again to all of you! And we truly wish we can meet in some way in the future, it would really be an honor for us!

We wish you all the best for the future and you guys are TRULY AND SIMPLY THE BEST! 

--- Reem & Ahmad,   |  Sep 25, 2013

Pierre toujours à la hauteur et toujours aussi persévérant... L'ambiance été plus que parfaite, encore une fois un grand hit! Merci beaucoup!

Vos effort, ainsi que ceux de vos equipes ont fait du mariage un grand succès et une nuit magique aux yeux des mariés. Je m'attendais à un marriage exceptionel de votre part mais le résultat a bien excédé mes attentes pour frôler la perfection.

Merci encore une fois et à bientôt! 

--- Mrs. Natasha Nohra,   |  Sep 23, 2013

This is just to thank all the 8e Art team who has been very cooperative & professional during the pre-wedding phase.

The wedding performances were amazing, impressive and fun... more than what we expected! Everyone loved the entertainment/shows. You helped us organize a unforgettable wedding.

Thank you Nataly, Nayla, Pierre, every member of Kris B, Loud Arabia and Wissam on tabla.

Good luck and hope we meet again. 


--- Antoine & Rana,   |  Sep 17, 2013

Dear DJ Ray Shepherd,

Hope you're doing great! We just wanted to tell you thank you! Tank you for the great ambiance you created on our wedding, for the beautiful songs, for your enthusiasm but mostly for your professionalism.

When we first met you we knew you would create a great mood, but what we mostly liked on the day of the event, is the way you adapted to the ambiance on the dance floor.

Thank you again and we wish you all the luck in the world with everything you aspire to do!

Take care!

--- Jad & Melissa,   |  Aug 13, 2013

I really want to thank you for the great show! Everything was just perfect, from Dia, to the Kanoun, who was very much appreciated concerning the first dance :)!

It was just wonderful! Thanks a lot for your support and for just being there!

Hope to keep in touch!


--- Marc & Edith,   |  Jul 15, 2013

Dear DJ Ray Shepherd, 

Thank you for making our wedding a memorable event for us and all our guests!

The music you played created a great ambiance and made the evening an unforgettable one.

Wishing you all the best and hope to see you soon.

Warm Regards.

--- Georges & Rytta,   |  Jul 11, 2013

You made our day! Whoever is watching our wedding DVDs, whatever his/her nationality, they are extremely amazed by your professional performance and your true feeling with every song or rythm you play! You are great!

--- Hady Aouad & Mireille Geha Aouad,   |  May 12, 2013

Just wanted to thank you for yesterday - amazing band and spirit! And thanks for the surprise :)

I'm sure this is only the start for a long and fruitful relation.

--- Mrs. Karine Barakat,   |  Dec 20, 2012

You guys were amazing!!!!!!!! I am in love with 8e Art!!! Thank you so much for everything really!

--- Celina & Elie,   |  Oct 08, 2012

SandPearl Personalized events team was very glad to work with you, for the wedding of Chaalan and Racha Bitar held at Le Royal, Pearl ballroom. Your cooperation helped us immensely and made us implement our tasks efficiently and effectively and upon the pre-set schedule.

Best Wishes for the coming season,


--- Mrs. Sandy Ghaoui Jabbour,   |  Oct 01, 2012

We're still talking about the amazing performance of Jessaly especially during cutting the cake. Thank you on behalf of my husband Lee and I ,for being such gracious artists. We really enjoyed everything.

Thank you again for the kind cooperation of your staff and special Thank you to Jessaly.

--- Monya & Lee,   |  Sep 27, 2012

I hope all is well. Rana and I just came back from our honeymoon recently and we haven't seen the wedding pictures and video yet but we got so much good feedback about the wedding and particularly concerning the entertainment. So I wanted to take some time to thank you. We will properly call you and chat but this is just to document for you and the 8eme art team our greatest appreciation for all you guys did. It was very well done! 

Thanks a lot! and keep up the good work. 

 Also, I wanted to personally thank Nathalie for helping me with the surprise song to Rana. Who knows maybe one day I will sing with you guys :) 

--- Rana & Michael,   |  Sep 26, 2012

Thank you guys for your beautiful shows and amazing pumping energy!!
You guys are the best!!

--- Maguy & Majd,   |  Sep 20, 2012

Thanks a lot Rami! Amazing Djing! It was awesome!

--- Mrs. Kreidi Joumana,   |  Sep 02, 2012

Thank you all for yesterday's performance! It was fun, great and all the artists were awesome and did a crazy ambiance! Truly thanks for everything!

--- Myrna & Bassem,   |  Sep 03, 2012

Jana and I want to thank you, Kanj and the band for creating an amazing atmosphere at the wedding. Those 45 minutes rocked everyone!

--- Jana & Ziad,   |  Sep 01, 2012

Sorry to text you so late but I have had a busy day after the wedding and I dont want the day to end without thanking you and your amazing  band for their beautiful performance at my daughter 's wedding , will call you soon!

--- Chahnaze,   |  Jun 28, 2012

Hi there! My name is Norah and I'm only here to say what a wonderful job you did at Allure in Abu Dhabi! I usually go every weekend but the weekend you were there was amazing, everyone was full of life and I've never seen anything like it! So bravo!!!! Plus all of you were very friendly! Wish I had gotten a picture with all of you! Hope you come back again to Abu Dhabi or to England. Would be great to see everyone and their talents again!

--- Mrs. Norah Curtis,   |  Jun 10, 2012

La Chaîne des Amis vous remercie de tout cœur pour votre précieuse collaboration lors de son dîner.

La belle musique et l’ambiance créée en ont fait une réelle réussite.

Aussi, c’est au nom de toutes les dames de la Chaîne des Amis, de nos pensionnaires de Al Syndianat et de nos écoliers que nous vous redisons un grand merci, en espérant collaborer ensemble pour des projets a venir.

--- Mrs. Marlene Frem Tayah,   |  Jun 05, 2012

We just wanted to say a massive big thank you to Nathalie, Pierre, Aleph and all the 8e Art crew for helping make our wedding day so unique.  We'd imagined celebrating the marriage of our two cultures - Scottish and Lebanese - and you were instrumental in making that vision become reality.  Everyone loved the pipers at the church, especially when they competed with the traditional chants inside, and the 'Scottish zaffeh' was a true hit!  Our bespoke 'mini parade' was just fabulous too and created the most amazing party atmosphere that had everyone dancing all night long. 

We are so grateful for your generosity in providing more musicians than agreed and also for your enthusiasm for the whole concept.

We wish you all the best for the coming wedding season and hope that the Highland spirit will carry on throughout Lebanon!  We'd love to meet you all again so will let you know the next time we're back for a celebratory glass of whisky or arak! ;-) Many, many thanks again,

--- Paula & Pascal,   |  May 16, 2012

Just want to thank you Nathalie, Pierre and the team, for the wonderful performance during our wedding at Phoenicia. Everyone was amazed by the performance and the organization. Best of luck for the season, Kindest regards.

--- Mrs. Corinne Feghali,   |  May 13, 2012

Joelle and I would like to thank you and the band for the wonderfull performance during our wedding. The band was very nice, as expected, and everyone was very happy and enjoyed the performance. Please thank each and everyone in the band and Dia, and send them our regards and thank you. A special thanks for you Nathalie for the well organized coordination and communication with us and with everyone. Thank you.

--- Ralph & Joelle,   |  May 06, 2012

Thank you for making our wedding so spectacular. You made all our ideas and dreams a reality. We couldn't imagine planning the wedding without your help, guidance and true expertise. We got so many compliments about all the "details" of the wedding. Thank you all for creating a world of wonder, success, beauty and complete perfection for us and making the process easy.

Please accept this belated note of gratitude as an expression of sincere appreciation for your warm and thoughtful assistance selecting and preparing our wedding.

--- Jean & Joelle Karam,   |  Mar 22, 2012

We wanted to thank you so much for making our wedding such a great event and a memorable party for us and our guests. You guys were amazing!
See you soon and let's keep in touch

--- Lamice & Bechara,   |  Sep 03, 2011

Bonjour from Sao Paulo ! Raed and I firstly wish to thank you and your team again for the great music,  fun and quality atmosphere you've brought into our wedding party and would like to wish you and your team a Merry X-mas ! Speak soon.

--- Raed & Hala,   |  Dec 25, 2011

I wanted to write to you to thank you for the amazing zaffeh/percussion entrance at our wedding.  Toby and I loved it and it really made the wedding.  Everyone was very impressed and the impact is still being discussed over and over. My parents especially loved it. Actually - all my guests are saying that they have never seen anything like it and they never will!!  I really am very grateful to you for being so accommodating and helpful in the meeting we had, and then on the night, your team was fantastic. So energetic and lively and they got everyone involved and helped calm our nerves. Thank you again and again.

--- Christine & Toby Eves,   |  Oct 08, 2011

Chris & I would like to express our happiness for the successful wedding that you guys participated in making. Everything was great …. Artists, entrance, show, ambiance, your support…and everyone was amazed and asking about you… Wish you continuous success and hope to meet you soon when will be back to lebanon,

--- Christian & Cynthia Romieh,   |  Oct 02, 2011

Dear artists, I saw you guys live yesterday in the Roman Amphitheater, where I went to watch various artists performing. I have to say, i left there and i ended up talking about nothing but 8e art. I hope to see you guys again in a concert this year, or maybe even Byblos and Beit Eldine Festivals next year. Thanks for the great show yesterday and hope to see you soon.

--- Mr. Monzer Elhachem,   |  Aug 12, 2011

Myriam and I wanted to say thank you for everything, you guys are great and you really made last night a night to remember forever. You impressed everybody including the hotel management, all of them were at ahhhhhh :))))
Nathalie was great and loved by everybody as well as the whole band. Thanks a million for making our wedding a success.

--- Maroun & Myriam,   |  Jul 31, 2011

I would like to thank the performers at 8eme art for making Barbara and Karim's wedding so special. This summer I was invited to 3 weddings and none of them came close to the performance that was delivered by your team. The solos, improvisations, and live performance on the center of the dance floor were unbelievable. Keep up the good work.

--- Mr. Chadi Ramady,   |  Jul 30, 2011

"Thank you" will never express our gratitude to all of you guys! You are extremely professional, dedicated and experts in music: simply THE BEST. Our advice to every couple aiming for a perfect entrance, percussion, solo singers, solo musicians... : dont waste your time, 8eme art will impress you and the audience, will create a unique ambiance, will exceed your expectations, will make your memorable day! Our last wish to you guys is: keep on the team spirit, the expertise, the innovation, the creativity and you will last forever. Thank you once again.

--- Karim & Maya,   |  Jul 16, 2011

We always watch your show on TV, you are truly amazing and we are so glad we chose you as our wedding entertainment. Keep up the good work.

--- Mrs. Alma,   |  Jul 01, 2011

 We didn't have the chance to talk after our wedding, to thank you for your coordination and professionalism. Everything was perfect, from the musicians and singer during the ceremony to the solos and Chris B band, parade, guitar playing old Lebanese songs etc... Just as we imagined it would be. Please thank each and every musician and singer who performed in our wedding on our behalf. Good luck for your future events!

--- Michel & Cynthia,   |  Jun 25, 2011

Few things make a big difference in weddings; music is definitely one of them. We came to you for music that would set the mood for our wedding, something lively and entertaining but we ended up getting much more than we expected. Meetings were fun, communication was professional and the performance surpassed our expectations. Thank you for all your efforts, you guys set an example for what wedding related preparations should be like. We already got asked a lot about you and are surely highly recommending :) We wish all the success and prosperity. Thank you for making our night so special

--- Mona & Bilal,   |  Mar 17, 2011

You guys are amazing! Our wedding was a blast because you were there to celebrate that special eve with us :))) keep up the good work! Thanks a million! Love you all xoxox

--- Berna & Ziad Choueiry,   |  Apr 24, 2011

We thank you "8 eme art"! You guys are considered as the best entertainment company in Lebanon and soon in the world in our opinion and the opinion of our guests. Our wedding was amazing and excellent thanks to you! A special thanks to Fadi, Pierre, Dia, Nadine. Love u all

--- Grace & Zaher Azoury,   |  Jul 16, 2009
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