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The PF Series
Design your own piano! And meet one of our creations, “The Grasshopper”. Perfect for the outdoors. The Grasshopper doesn’t need a pianist to enchant you and your guests! It intends to do that all on its own.
If someone asked you to describe a piano, you’d probably describe it as a shiny black, brown or white body supported by three legs made up of keys. That’s a reasonable answer! After all that is the archetype of the everyday piano.

At 8e Art, under the PF series banner, we see the piano as a canvas on which to create something truly unique; Inanimate objects turned to art. Considerable cost and workmanship go into creating unconventional artistic pianos and the process from beginning to end is just like ordering custom furniture or building a house from scratch. So if you decide your piano is ready for a revamp don’t hesitate to contact PF series atelier and our team will transform it...

We start by asking the correct questions: What architectural style do you feel an affinity towards? What colors do you like? Do you imagine it to be gilded, ornate, baroque, vintage, or funky? Should it be hand painted or hand carved? What’s the size of the room you intend to place it? The process is gradual, ending up somewhere else than where we started, just like a musical composition; it is a very fun and challenging undertaking ... One of the PF series' first creations “The Grasshopper” is an upright piano painted the color green with a glass opening that lets you enjoy the keys jumping up and down, you can as well insert a disk into it! The “grasshopper” has performed in many events and is always the talk of the party.

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