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Who we are
8e Art is the leading provider of live music entertainment in the region, with an innate understanding of the music industry & years of knowledge and experience. Offering a complete range of entertainment services.
Musically led by pianist and art director Aleph, 8e Art is based in Lebanon and represents the highest standard of live musical entertainment available, in both the private and corporate markets who require variety entertainment for all types of events. We have worked hard in order to encapsulate every type of music within our agency whilst still demanding that all our musicians are highly accomplished.

This along with our understanding of market trends and target audiences, make us more than equipped to deliver the right entertainment for you in an efficient and stylish way, whilst always adhering to the standards that we as musicians have come to expect from the industry.

Among the many individuals that operate within 8e Art are:

- Professional musicians including performers, bandleaders, rhythm section members, musical ensembles, vocalists, conductors, composers, and arrangers.

-  Sound engineers and lighting designers who make it all happen live in venues ranging from small clubs to stadiums.

- Professionals who assist musicians with their careers (talent managers, business managers lawyers & consultants).

We represent hundreds of the best musical and variety entertainers in the market place and have affiliations with artists across the world.

At 8e Art we partner with you to produce the most dynamic and memorable events. We're committed to making you look good and have all the latest, state-of-the-art tools and know-how to do just that!

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